Beef continues to be the centre of attention on most menus, including ours. Seven generations of highly skilled butchers in the beef business has culminated in Macgregors’ forward-thinking approach, from authentic artisan dry aging, to state-of-the-art steak cutting. Whether it’s craft, custom hand-cut steaks from The Wickson Room, to fresh single source grinds & burgers, or the portion control needs of Canada’s most respected multi-unit restaurant companies, we endeavor to be your first choice for beef and steak. From our exclusive partnerships with Certified Angus Beef® and Niman Ranch® Natural, to handpicked local programs, we give you unreserved excellence in quality, performance and range to fit your business.


There’s no cooking method that can generate the depth of flavor of a dry-aged high quality piece of meat. And that’s why more and more chefs demand dry-aged beef. There is an art to creating the right conditions to allow the enzymes, favorable molds (similar to cheese making) and bacteria to do their work to end up with a complexity of flavor that just wasn’t there before. From earthy and nutty flavours, to ripe cheesiness, and almost floral sweetness. In our purpose built dry aging space, The Wickson Room, we only work with Certified Angus Beef®, CAB® Prime and Niman Ranch® Natural. It’s is the only beef that has the necessary marbling that can support and carry the flavor and juiciness after the natural moisture loss from the dry age process. You can’t really take an ordinary meat and make it extraordinary but you can take exceptional beef and indeed make it otherworldly.


It all starts with the raw material. Fresh premium grinds and upscale burger offerings have elevated consumer expectations on menus; however, not all ground beef is created equal. You can have wild variations when taking into consideration lean point, source grinds, grind size & methods and blends. Our fresh source grinds and patties indicate a specific subprimal or muscle as the raw material. We use grinds from high quality fed beef cattle subprimals such as Certified Angus Beef®, where we get a higher percentage of marbling and oleic acid giving you improved flavor, texture and consistency and a lower melting point. With signature grinds and blends, we can use some non-traditional raw materials – like brisket and short ribs – and deliver distinct and custom flavor profiles.



The world of seafood and sustainability continues to be one of the most dynamic parts of our food world. Our approach to seafood starts with direct sourcing form responsibly managed wild capture fisheries and sustainable, progressive aquaculturists. We serve as the link between our diverse supply base and well-informed, quality conscious customers. We seek to elevate the people, places & techniques – both modern and traditional – that influence better flavor and texture of fish & shellfish, and show respect for the resource and environment. Through exclusive supply partnerships with Organic Ocean Seafood® and Ocean Wise®, we connect customers with fisheries and farmers that share ethics and values and a commitment to better seafood. Whether it’s hand-selected boutique seafood for cutting edge chefs, the portion control needs of Canada’s most respected multi-unit restaurant companies, or private label custom cutting and packaging for leading retail brands, Macgregors delivers a robust, comprehensive approach to fit your business.


Delivering the finest wild-harvested, sustainably cultured, hand selected seafood to the world’s top chefs is only part of the story of Organic Ocean Seafood®. They are also a B-Corp company using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They operate to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency and continually evaluate how their practices impact their employees, the community, and the environment. They join exclusive B-Corp companies around the globe such as Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s in redefining success in business, so that one day everyone uses business as a force for good.


We recognize our oceans are facing a number of threats: overfishing, climate change, pollution and urban development. That’s why we partner with the global conservation organization Ocean Wise whose aim is to tackle these issues, through its engagement, research, and education. We make the commitment to clearly label all Ocean Wise products so our customers can make sustainable choices. If you see the Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item, you know that option is the best choice for the health of our oceans. The Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program helps to ensure that ocean life will be abundant for generations to come.


Our dedication to being true Center-of-the-Plate Specialists™ means we apply our expertise and forward thinking approach to providing progressive choices across a broad range of protein categories. Today’s foodservice operators live on the razors edge of delivering a high standard of guest experience while maintaining profitability and unwavering integrity. To be relevant is to be conscientious and committed to promoting farmers and producers that support environmental sustainability, accountable production and animal welfare practices, and generational family farming. What does this mean? Natural heritage breed pork and lamb raised on small, family farms by Niman Ranch. Farm to fork Turkey and Duck from multi-generational Ontario family owned farms like Hayter’s Turkey and King Cole Ducks. Custom local and traditionally smoked & cooked meats, artisan charcuterie, Ontario poultry, and wild Canadian game. Center-of-the-Plate is our handpicked programs representing unique products, differentiated quality and compelling value for Foodservice.


If you can trust what’s in the box, you are free to focus on your own pursuits of productivity, creativity and execution, so critical to success in Foodservice. Macgregors branded poultry is built on the foundations of only fresh, air chilled, grain-fed, Ontario poultry. Well cut, well graded, consistent and reliable. We are also a leading purveyor of Halal Certified fresh custom cut poultry.


At Macgregors we are passionate about our support of independent, multi-generational family farms and processors and no two better examples exist in Ontario than Hayter’s Turkey and King Cole Ducks. Both feature 70 years of passion in producing farm to fork Turkey and Duck of the highest quality epitomizing integrity in sustainable and responsible farming. Both are hands on, fully integrated egg to plate operations and exhibit leadership and stewardship in the area of animal care. Both fit very neatly within our Core Values and we’re proud to have them as partners.