Culinary inspiration using traditional old world style &
other one-of-a-kind products finished with your own signature

We seek to differentiate our position in this foodservice marketplace ultimately with products exclusive to Macgregors. In doing so we hope to provide the opportunity for chefs to enhance traditional food or develop vibrant and new dishes with their own signature.

Smoked, Cooked & Charcuterie

Memorable, authentic, and time honoured products procured through craft partners


Purveyor excellence in sourcing and custom-cutting the other white meat


Procurement of fine quality lamb domestically and worldwide with purpose for your menu needs


Centre-of-the-plate protein for discerning chefs & restaurateurs

Hors D’oeuvres

Proudly partnered with outstanding, hand-crafted makers of gourmet hors d'oeuvres using only the best of ingredients


Carrying a full line of fresh every-day use, boutique, and artisanal cheeses


Variety and fine quality pasta products for discerning chefs and foodservice operators